This course covers the Science behind Our Mind, Our Body and Our Power. So much of what we have been taught comes from the stereotypes of men and women. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Boys are good and math and girls are good at art. These theories that resulted in these stereotypes were created in a society ruled by the patriarchy. Since Title IX (signed June 23rd 1972, effective July 1, 1972) women gained access to a formal education. With this education, women have been working to relearn what we know about ourselves. This new knowledge can help us redefine what is possible not only for ourselves, but for our sisters, our community and for our society; because without women there is no community, there is no society.

​Our Mind: In this part of the course we explore topics that help us answer the following questions.

  • How does our mind work?
  • How do we learn?
  • Are women’s brains biologically different from men’s brains?
  • Do our emotions control us or do we control our emotions?
  • How can we rewire our mind to reach our fullest potential?
  • Using what we learned, how can we design our lives in a way that sets us up for full empowerment and independence?​

Our Body: In this part of the course, we explore…

  • The Science of our female bodies.
  • How the patriarchy affects what we currently know about our bodies.
  • Women’s reproductive health.
  • The history of sex education.
  • How society and the patriarchy impact how we think about our sexuality.

Our Power is the Capstone part of this year long course. It is where we take all that we learned about our mind and our body and we pull it together to access our inner power. We can discover the depth of our inner power in many ways. This year we are focusing on using our newly gained knowledge to fuel an athletic challenge.

Our Power Our Purpose: When we are at the point of giving up, it is not Mind over Matter. It is Matter over Mind.

  • Too often our thoughts get the best of us. “I can’t believe I said that. I can’t do this, You are so slow.”
  • We find our words overpowering our mind no matter how much we try to reset.
  • What drives us over the wall is our PURPOSE.

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