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Curated for Women by Women

Led by Women Scholars & Experts

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Curated for Women by Women

Led by Women Scholars & Experts

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WomenX is a learning community where students and members gather to learn from experts and educators. We collaborate with professionals, educators and members in a safe, inspiring environment that enable us to access our inner selves, revealing our true gifts to the world.

At WomenX we are focused on providing women with:

Low cost education that leverages MOOCs’ leading scholars

Curated content from the women’s lens highlighting women’s contributions to each discipline (role model effect)

Courses led by industry experts (similar to adjunct professors)

Safe, inclusive, accessible, student focused learning community 

Curated classrooms of diverse women with intersectional identities where all perspectives are valued to deepen learning outcomes

Active (synchronous) community for women to connect, developing long lasting relationships

Mentors, sponsors, and advocates supporting women to advance in their career Pathway to a degree

Pathways to career development and success.

You can simply satisfy your desire to learn, embark on an affordable pathway to a degree from a top institution, or earn a certificate to advance your career.

WomenX Community

Join a multi-generational cohort of intersectional women in courses, series, and workshops.

Pathway to a Degree Program

Enroll in courses to learn a new skill or delve deeper into a topic of interest.

One-on-one Advising


Complete a WomenX Specialization including a practical learning component (internship).

Some of our offerings and courses:

  • Examine gaps in gender
  • Learn the business
  • Develop data-driven solutions
  • Examine social movements
  • Analyze lyrics and scores
  • Explore activism in music
  • Maximize your budget
  • Save for the future
  • Invest in the markets
  • Analyze legal cases
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Advocate for your rights

See our tribute to the anniversary of Title IX:

Introducing the new

WomenX is an inclusive community curated for all those who identify as women by women. We offer expertly designed programs and courses for women who desire support, connectivity, access to deep learning, and professional development.

We are reimagining the women’s college, designing an educational experience that not only meets the needs of women today, but also leverages technology so that women learners no longer have to compromise community or commute in order to receive a quality education.

No matter where you are on your path, WomenX is here for you. The time is now for the next iteration of higher education!

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WomenX curates programs and content that responds to the needs of women today. We are committed to building curriculum that is not only relevant to you, but also reflects who you are.

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