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Our courses are led by diverse women scholars and experts across the globe who are top of their fields and committed to creating more inclusive disciplines and industries where women can thrive. They will get you to disrupt pre-existing paradigms, challenge the status quo and push you to think critically.

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What makes WomenX unique

This is a chart that explains the benefit of taking WomenX courses over Traditional Courses

What makes WomenX unique

What makes WomenX unique
Traditional courses

  • Pre-recorded
  • Gender Studies

  • Lecture-based Instruction

  • Co-Educational
  • Build Network

  • $600

WOMENX courses
  • Live

  • Every Course Curated from the Women’s Lens

  • Community-driven Discussion

  • Women Only

  • Foster Relationships based on Shared Goal of Gender Equity

  • $250

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Hear from our WomenXers

HerSport Fellow

“What I really took from it was just as women what we are able to do in this world and from the history lessons so many things that women have done that we don’t even know about. Honestly I would say it was one of the best experiences ever…it really left an impact on me and really shaped my mindset of how I would want to empower society today and to continue to fight for our equality.”


Mikayla Coombs,
WomenX HerSport Fellow (Cohort ‘21)

WomenX Community

“One of my favorite events are movie nights, which may seem like entertainment, but there’s always an educational component to what WomenX does. My favorite parts of the movie nights are getting access to all kinds of women in leadership positions through the storylines of fashion icons, activists, actresses, athletes…you name it and it’s such a wonderful experience to get to watch a movie, often times documentaries, with people who participated in the making of the documentary or are expert in the topic area at hand and it is such a beautiful thing to have this group of women, the community and experts to join in conversation after we watch the film together. And everytime I leave, I  feel like I learned something new and challenged myself.”

Kristen Pavle,
WomenX Community Member

HerSport Fellow

“Female athletes depend on people who fight for equity in athletics with passion and justice because they realize that athletics are not only the place for physical fitness, but opportunities to learn the value of integrity and the pursuit of excellence. The dream I had to swim in college became a reality for me because of the women who came before me, and now I can fight for the athletes who will come behind me.”


Ellie Marquardt,
WomenX HerSport Fellow
(Cohort ’22)

Frequently Asked Questions

WomenX is a forward-thinking educational community that is disrupting traditional education in order to re-think higher ed for women. The world today is different. Women need a diverse, flexible, and empowering educational environment that suits their needs.

The ideal member is a woman (anyone who identifies) who is curious and ready for knowledge, to learn from a different perspective in a safe, tailored, diverse environment that empowers women specifically, to cultivate a next level of agency.

Once you join our network, you will gain access to learning content covering a variety of subjects. We encourage you to explore those offerings, but don’t just consume this information. Share it and your thoughts on these topics with other members in our activity feed and in groups. We also encourage you to pursue a deeper exploration of topics of your interest by signing up for our series, courses, and specializations.

We value the voices and perspectives of all of our members and believe that learning comes from sharing and listening to those perspectives. We practice the philosophy of a legendary civil rights activist, Grace Lee Boggs who believes “Conversation is where you try to honestly confront the limits of your own ideas in order to come to a new understanding.”

If you are new to WomenX and want time to explore our learning platform before committing to taking a course with us, the starter membership is for you. If you ready to satisfy your passion for learning, ready to learn with others in a live series, course or specialization the Pro membership is for you. Our WomenX Community Membership suits women who are young professionals and beyond.

WomenX hosts both virtual and in person events where members come together for conversation and learning. We also encourage you to find members in your town to organize in person gatherings and events.

WomenX is a mission-driven for-profit organization. WomenX Fund our Future is our non-profit arm that enables us to continue offering accessible programs through scholarships while engaging in gender equity advocacy.

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