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In 1971, the year before Title IX was enacted there were about 310,000 girls and women in America playing high school and college sports. 50 years later in 2022, 3 million more high school girls and 200,000 more college women have opportunities to play sports each year.

With this increasing number of female athletes today it is no surprise to us that women’s sports is on the rise. When women have the opportunity we surpass everyone’s expectations.

Women are an undervalued brand and WomenX is raising the value of our Brand!

Deloitte forecasts that in 2024, for the first time, women’s elite sports will generate a revenue that surpasses $1 billion — a 300% increase on the industry’s evaluation in 2021.

Join us as we host events, panels, and in-person meet ups to watch games together.

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Cósmica and WomenX partnering to host Women’s NCAA tournament watch party

This Sunday, Cósmica in the South End is hosting a watch party for the women’s NCAA championship game, in partnership with WomenX. Jennifer Epstein, owner of Cósmica, and Mary Azzarto Ciampa, founder and CEO of WomenX, tell us all about the event and their partnership.

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