Title IX changed (and continues to change) the game for female athletes.”

An Intercampus Fellowship of Students


Have you heard of Title IX? If the answer to this question is NO, you are not alone.

The majority of students on college campuses know little or nothing about Title IX, yet this is a law that was passed to empower students on campus.

For this law to have true impact, students like you need to have the knowledge and advocacy tools to realize the benefits of this landmark legislation. WomenX knows just what you need to become the advocate and leader you desire to be.

WomenX created this Fellowship to empower female leaders with education and advocacy tools to lead a movement on campus around Demand IX.

Leadership Fellowship

  • Spring Fellowship: February 9, 2024
  • Deadline: February 9, 2024
  • Applications Open:
    We will accept and review applications on a rolling basis through February 9, 11:59 pm ET.

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Ms. Magazine Title IX Article

Why should you join?

For 12 weeks we will lead a select number of students across college campuses who will receive a scholarship covering the full cost of Fellowship tuition. This cohort will learn about Title IX with other student leaders across the country and collaborate on initiatives to spread its message on their campus.

This Fellowship Will Enhance Your Undergraduate Experience and Prepare You For Your Next Step:

  • Access to Virtual Learning Platform: Fellows can use the WomenX app to engage with our curriculum, Demand IX resources, and to connect socially with each other (including all Demand IX alumnae) outside of the Fellowship duration.

  • Expand Your Network: Fellows will meet Title IX and sports practitioners, trailblazers, and students across the U.S. committed to the work of advocacy.

  • Commit to Civic Engagement: Chosen Fellows will pledge a commitment to paying forward this opportunity by engaging in Title IX advocacy work on their campus, in their communities, and in K-12 schools.

  • Earn Potential For College Credit: Want to get credit for this experience? Ask your institution and WomenX can structure your individual Fellow experience to meet the unique requirements of your institution, if applicable for internship, externship, or elective credit.

Hear from our WomenXers 

Our Demand IX Fellowship students wrote an Advocacy Letter to emphasize the importance of Title IX.

See what some of the members of our fellowship cohort have to say!

Want to watch more videos of our fellows?

Frequently Asked Questions

Demand IX began as a campaign to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Title IX and continues to support ongoing efforts for strong Title IX protections and enforcement.

Our goal is to accept around 40 Fellows, twice the size of our previous cohorts. Applicants will join a growing alumni network of 34 students across 20 campuses.

There is no application fee. Each Fellow will receive a scholarship that covers the full tuition amount. WomenX works to create pathways of opportunity for all students.

We will accept and review applications on a rolling basis through February 9, 11:59 pm ET.

We recruit any woman undergraduate student, athlete and non-athlete, who is interested in learning more about Title IX and seeks to be a leader on campus. On a case-by-case basis, we’ll consider an applicant who attends graduate school so long as you have regular contact with undergraduates and campus life. Our goal is to recruit our most diverse cohort yet!

Fellows are expected to attend one 90-minute class session each week and commit to an additional two hours of work outside of class. WomenX will support students in achieving their Fellowship goals though Office Hours.

During the Spring, class will take place on Mondays at 8 pm EST or Fridays at 12 pm EST. Based on their availability, Fellows will choose one of these sessions to attend each week.

Reach out to WomenX at [email protected] with subject line: Demand IX Fellowship.

Let’s get activated together!

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