Women are an undervalued brand.

Historically society has valued men’s ability to provide and women’s ability to produce and nurture children. Even though society has progressed passed these traditional values, the rate of change is slow. Women leaders are valued by their past profits. Men are valued by their promise and future valuation. The Rebranding Women in the Workplace course will allow you to learn marketing strategies and branding concepts to increase your brand. Simultaneously, you will engage in deep learning about those who came before us and those who are currently on the front lines of change. Together we can raise our personal brand and collectively elevate women as a whole.

Your BRAND: Marketing Leadership

Consumer power in the digital world

Strategies for growth

Marketing analytics and data

Final project: Develop your personal branding strategy

Women in ACTION: Our past & present

History of Women in the Workplace from 1790-present

The psychology behind what drives us to act & how this action resulted in social change

Final project: Personal Narrative – with this new knowledge you will document your story.

The Capstone Project part of this course provides an opportunity to build your portfolio. At the end of the coursework, students will engage in a group project, putting the skills and knowledge they have acquired to use for one of our industry partners.

Sharpen Your Lens: live video class

Small class size

Synthesize coursework

Challenge existing theories

Create new theories

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